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Choice Hotels International

Image of a phone and a laptop with website screenshots.
Choice Hotels International had an existing careers website that didn't meet their recruitment needs or their users' needs. The Careers website is Choice’s primary recruitment tool, and they weren't attracting qualified applicants for their corporate positions.

My team launched a new website for Choice that aligned with their existing brand. We organized content, rewrote the site, and leveraged video and photo content to engage the users. We also improved the user experience through accessibility and responsiveness.


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Launched 2018
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Choice Hotels International sought to attract and retain high-quality applicants to fill their workforce needs. Their existing website didn’t convey Choice’s value proposition, was not responsive on mobile devices, and didn't attract their desired audience.
View of a website on a laptop and a phone.
View of a website on a laptop.
The old website wasn't responsive, looked dated, and felt impersonal with use of stock photography.

To make matters worse, it wasn't accessible and didn't meet 508 compliance standards.


Client Goals

  • Highlight company culture to attract top talent.
  • Clarify messaging, and provide information on career paths and departments.
  • Feature information on their two main locations, DC and Phoenix.

User Goals

  • Improve navigation for ease of use.
  • Organize content based on location and career paths.
  • Meet 508 compliance standards for usability.

Design Process

The design process included content, visual design styling, wireframes, design comps, and developer handoff.
Content & Sitemap
The site serves as an overview of the company and the types of positions they hire for, while their job listings were on a separate database on Workday. Our head writer wrote the new website, and I worked with her to create a sitemap and organize the content in a way that works for our target user.

There were some pages that the client wanted to repeat using, such as highlights on benefits and locations; we suggested dividing the pages further so that content was easier for find for the user. The site was also written to have a more informal, friendly tone and to help boost keyword search. The client had several videos they wanted incorporated throughout the site, so we determined the best places for those to go.
Image of a sitemap with a flowchart displaying different website pages.
Visual Design Style
The client wanted the site to feel light & bright, and desired more blue and orange as pops of color.

Working within their brand guidelines, I softened the site design by incorporating their beige tone as a background color for certain assets, instead of the dark brown they used previously. I was also careful to choose colors within their palette that worked together to pass accessibility requirements.
Image of a sheet with styling definitions, containing color palette, icons, buttons, and text.
Wireframes & Design Comps
Wireframes were shared with both the client and the developer before we moved forward. Afterwards, I created visual design comps, then worked with the developer to create a custom theme on Wordpress.
Wireframe outline for the website homepage.Mockup layout for website homepage.

Site Launch

View of a website on a laptop and a phone.

A Warm Welcome

The new website incorporated a welcome video on the homepage, and when on smaller or mobile screens, switched to a static photo of staff.

A prominent CTA button encouraged the user to search their career listings on their external Workday site.
View of a website inside of a browser that says "Careers" with a list of job categories.

Clear Messaging

To meet our client goal of cutting down job applications for unqualified and unrelated positions, as well as our user goal of clarifying career paths, we created a Careers page. We added clarity to the messaging and highlighted each department.

Feature Locations

Choice's two locations are have different career paths and campus features. The DC office is their corporate headquarters and is focused on marketing and operations, and the Phoenix office is focused on technology.

To meet our user goal of providing more information for each location, we created a page for each, which highlighted the different departments, included overview videos, and showcased 360 walkthrough videos of the campuses.
Screenshots of two webpages, one titled "DC Metro Area" and one titled "Phoenix".

Highlight Company Culture

The website leveraged employee interview videos to showcase their company values and give users a look into what each department is like. We also highlighted their diversity, inclusion, and CSR initiatives.
View of a website on a browser that says "Our People".
Image of a website homepage on two computers, one labeled "Before" and one labeled "After".

Site Launch


The client was happy with the overall look, and relieved that their new website met their expectations of improved accessibility and responsiveness. The new CMS was in WordPress, which allowed them to take control of updates, press releases, and blog posts.

We met our goals of adding personality to the site while retaining their brand look, were able to incorporate their videos and photos that showcased their values, and improved their clickthrough rate with clear calls-to-action. We also served the user needs of finding desired information more quickly.


This project didn't have a budget for user research or testing, and adding this phase to our process would have been beneficial. We also weren't able to access metrics to provide deeper insight, and instead relied on the information provided to us by the project manager and IT department. Some minor content and layout changes have been made since we launched; the live site can be viewed at the link below.