Addys Creative Campaign

AAF Baltimore

Image of a phone with five social media graphics.
As part of the 2020 American Advertising Awards committee, my team was tasked with designing a creative campaign that would inspire the advertising, marketing and design community to attend the 2020 Addys.

We developed a creative campaign for email and social that used key themes from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Our work was recognized by the 2020 Summit Creative Awards, and the 2021 American Advertising Awards.


Social Media Campaign
Email Campaign
Printed Book


Creative Director, Writer, Designers (2)




Design a creative campaign to inspire Baltimore's advertising, marketing and design community to attend the Addy Awards.


Since 2020 marked 100 years of the AAF Baltimore, which was originally founded as the Women’s Ad Club, we wanted to mark this milestone and commemorate the women who blazed the path for marketers to come.

We proposed an Alice in Wonderland-themed event for the 2020 Addy Awards. Inspired by Alice’s journey and the madness of the creative industry, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland served as an endless source of inspiration for our team.


Through the use of social media and email campaigns, our team's goals were to:
  • Encourage people to submit their work for AAF awards
  • Drum up excitement and increase ticket sales over last year
  • Recognize the AAF Baltimore’s 100th anniversary

Design Process

Image of artwork with a falling woman that reads "Wonderland: The American Advertising Awards Call for Entries".

Design Theme

We each read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, identified key themes and visual elements that spoke to us, and brainstormed together how they could be applied as metaphors to the creative industry.

The key art (designed by our Creative Director, Jeremy Martin) set the tone for the 3 months of social media posts, email communications, and the printed program book. The art style combines photos and illustrations into collages that capture a particular subject in each piece. Each designer worked on different pieces, which we pulled together under the theme; all pieces shown on this page are my own, with the exception of the key art that includes the falling Alice.
Mockup of an email inside of a browser that says "Wonderland".

Email Campaign

Email communications went out to the AAF Baltimore's email list, which introduced the theme through designs and messaging; the emails targeted user submissions, ticket sales, and calls for sponsorship.

Social Campaign

The artwork from the emails were converted into animations for social media by Jeremy Martin. We also created paid Facebook ads which were used to promote award submissions.
Image of a social media graphic that says "Wonderland" and contains a photo of an archway with flowers and paint swatches.Image of a social media graphic that says "Wonderland" and contains a collage with a gavel, crown, and playing cards.Image of a social media graphic that says "Wonderland" and contains a collage of a teapot, mouse, and clock.

Program Book

The awards program book was given out at the event and incorporated our creative themes throughout. We worked with Indigo Ink to produce a book with an holographic foil on the cover, adding that little something extra.

The result was a memento for the award winners, and a keepsake for those of us who worked on the creative.
Two program books stacked on top of a black background.Photo of a book open to a page that says "Film, Video & Sound" with an illustration of a teacup.Photograph of a book open to a page that shows a silver award winner.

Final Thoughts


This project was for a nontraditional client, so my team was free to push the creative limits and experiment throughout our process.

With such a discerning audience as the local creatives in our region, we felt the pressure to deliver something extraordinary. We were happy to see the buzz generated around our creative campaign, which made ticket sales a success and beat the previous year's sales.

Our work was recognized by the 2020 Summit Creative Awards, winning bronze in the Social Media Campaign category. It also won a silver 2021 American Advertising Award in the Cross-Platform category for Advertising Industry Self-Promotion, Ad Club or Marketing Club.


This project was done by my team at Novak Birch, but because it was a pro bono client, it always took a backseat to our normal clients. Our timelines got pushed back at times, and we met this challenge by working on the creative on free evenings.